Friday, September 10, 2010

Week2 CIP - Tears of my student

Classroom was noisy with students’ shouting and laughing. Students were playing a game with their partner. Teacher looked around the classroom and confirmed the rule by each pair. One boy was crying during their pair work. His partner was trying to read teacher’s face. Teacher asked to them what happened.

• WHY?
He was not good at speaking English and had no confidence to say in English. When the class does some games, he always loses the games. So he used to get teased about that. That day, his partner hurt the boy’s pride.

• Meaning?
Actually he was a naughty boy in English class. He does not care other friends’ saying or his poor score. I never thought it is possible to make him crying by several words. I saw his eyes and tear. To that boy, that class must be hard to forget. At least, English is not his favorite subject anymore. He stepped back from English.

• Implications?
As an English teacher in elementary school, giving some motivation or making good impression about new language is very important as much as teaching new vocabularies. Some students have interest about study earlier than others or later than others. The important thing is students have confidence and positive mind about study whenever they want to start learning. That kind of attitude and mind is made when they are young. I should consider about not only my students’ score but also their emotions and feelings in my class.


  1. Wow! Your blog is so lovely though my blog name is lovely sunyoung's blog. :) Also your blog have reactions about your stoty. While I was reading your story, I was so sad. The reason why students who cried your class doesn't like English anymore. However, I believe you're so ability English teacher, your students will like English class someday I hope. Through I read this story, I learned about teachers need to control as students attitude. Have a nice day, and your example is so excellent !

  2. Hi!
    First impression of yours article is neat and perfect procedure.
    Your following is clear as CIP.
    I wrote my story but not really CIP style.
    And I understand your feeling in the classroom and even the boy's feeling.
    We have to consider student's personal mind if we can and touch their heart.
    Even thought young kids they can understand. Go for it!

  3. what I see is that competitive games can help make slower learners dislike a subject . . . and maybe all learning/school

    what would you do to change his attitude--to make him like English and school?