Saturday, October 2, 2010

My plan for my paper

Korean elementary school students get their English textbook and CD-ROM title from their school. This CD-ROM consists of the images of textbook, letters, sounds, songs, and games. Students can turn the page like real textbook. Also teachers get textbook and CD-ROM title for teacher which is little bit different with their student’s.

While teachers use their CD-ROM very often, students do not use very much. So I want to analyze the contents of that CD-ROM title and research what is an effective way of consisting that material. To this,

1. I will think about my classroom and students’ situation about English learning, furthermore why that kind of CD-ROM title is helpful to my students.

2. I will gather some data about e-book and some standards about good factors of e-book

3. According to those standards, I would like to analyze the contents and formation of that CD-ROM title.

4. I will present pros and cons of that CD, and I would like to suggest a better way to making that kind of materials, if possible.