Friday, September 3, 2010

Reading response

Reflection Is at the Heart of Practice

I prefer the Guided Reflection Protocol to the Critical Incidents Protocol. Because, in my case, it takes long time to write an essay or a report and I’m not good at discussion. However, I have interest about both of them by reason of that there is a limit as to what I can write and revise by myself. Furthermore, I think sharing ideas and experiences is very useful to improve writing skills.
As an elementary school teacher, I have not many chances to teach writing of English. I just teach write alphabets, words or simple sentences. But I think it will be helpful to use some questions - “What happened?”, “Why” and “What might it mean?” - in speaking class for students’ strategy about thinking.

What prevents ESL/EFL writers from avoiding plagiarism?

I agree with two points from this article. First, paraphrasing is really difficult to me, too. It’s really hard to find an expression which has same meaning and same nuance with a keyword in a text even though I understand meaning of that text. Second, I think some instructions about inferential processes in writing are essential. Each language has its own style and order of speaking and writing. Also there is a cultural difference between western and eastern countries such as deductive or inductive style in speaking or writing. For that reason, ESL/EFL writers need to be exposed to their second/foreign language’s thinking and writing process to be familiar with them. It will be helpful to get rid of miscomprehension between ESL/EFL writers and native readers.


  1. Hum.. I thought that most elementary school students already know the alphabet when they entered the school because I listened to the news most elementary school students English speaking is so excellent. So I think most teachers will deal with writing class.
    I agree with your some opinions about using questions. Though they don't know speak English exactly, some teachers will teach speaking methods. Also I know plagiarism is so difficult. But if we know the exact methods and paraphrasing, quotation, it is so easy. I want to know if you have just your method about this. If your answer is "YES". Plz tell me the method becase I also can't understand about this. Have a nice day :)

  2. Hi, Sunyoung.
    I'm sorry. I have no my own method. I really want to get it. hahaha